Corpus Partners work as a Team!

Managing General Agencies (MGA)

We work with A-rated capacity providers locally and globally. Whether your business is in the Hi/Lo segment, P&C, Specialty or niche markets we find support for your LoB, provide advisory services or help business strategy. 


BREXIT means loss of passporting rights unless an agreement with EU is reached.

Options for UK insurers;

  1. Transfer the business of existing EEA branches into a new or existing EEA subsidary.
  2. Seek authorisation in relevant EEA member state as third-country branch organisation.
  3. Distribution agreement with an EEA insurance company or reinsurance company by UK entity.
  4. Do nothing.

Corpus Partners assist our clients no matter what strategy is decided upon and advise on the right strategy for the individual business case.


Set-up of Captives, advise on jurisdiction, reinsurance support, infrastructure, compliance, overall advisory and second-opinion on structuring of such arrangements.

Merger & Acquisition

Corpus Partners source M&A targets and support the due diligence process, provide valuation, give advisory or second opinion regarding strategy, leadership, governance, execution and follow-up.

Cyber Risk

Our Partners can help in any risk identification, modeling, evaluation, probability analysis, advisory and stress test the level Cyber Security for any given client.


Corpus Partners has invested in "", a "full-quote-to-bind" distribution platform targeting the SME segment. The platform includes a news portal, BLOG section and a security tools purchasing and advisory area. 


The belief driving InsurTech companies is that the insurance industry is ripe for innovation and disruption. InsurTech refers to the use of tech innovation designed to squeeze out savings and efficiency from the current insurance industry model. The InsurTech industry is aggressively exploring avenues that large insurance companies have less incentive to exploit, such as offering ultra-customized products and utilising new streams of data.

Corpus Partners has invested and hold a Board position in "Virtual i Technologies" – “Best InsurTech Company at the Dubai World Insurance Congress 2018”. Virtual i is a risk engineering and data analytics firm which enables insurance carriers and loss adjusters to remotely see, inspect and access any risk from the comfort of their desks to make faster and informed underwriting decisions. Powered by AI and Machine Learning, Virtual i makes SME risk surveys affordable. - "The digital Agent" is another company where Corpus Partners have invested in and hold a Board position.

Corpus Partners are involved in; start-ups, active investments, advisory & board positions within InsurTech companies.